11 conditions to avoid traffic accidents during fog

Ras Al Khaimah Police have announced that drivers must adhere to 11 conditions while safely driving vehicles in fog and volatile weather conditions to avoid accidents or traffic violations. She explained that if drivers do not follow the traffic instructions and walk during foggy times without using lights, the driver will be subject to a fine of 500 dirhams and four traffic points, warning that in case of driving during bad weather in violation. of the instructions of the authority concerned, a fine of 500 dirhams and four black points shall be imposed in accordance with Article 104 in respect of traffic rules and procedures. She indicated that drivers should reduce the speed as much as possible by 50 kilometers per hour during fog, leave a greater distance behind other cars and count at least 5 seconds for a complete stop, use low lighting, and open the window slightly to get a better view. the surrounding environment. She stated that the car should be driven on low-speed lanes, and avoid changing the path of the car except when necessary because this puts the driver at risk, in addition to using the right edge of the road or road lines as a guide, and not using four-way signals because it presents a risk for other drivers to believe that the driver is stopped in the middle of the road. She pointed out that the four-way signals should not be used except in the event of a complete stop, emphasizing that the vehicle should stop on the right side of the road when there is a lack of visibility and turn on the four-way traffic lights.

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