3 traits that have marked the UAE’s march over the past 50 years … Get to know them

State Minister Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar stressed that there are three basic features that have characterized the UAE’s march over the past fifty years to date, the first of which is the availability of national leadership, whether the founding fathers or the current leadership. , explaining that these leaders have a strategic vision, and their concern is developing development and putting the UAE in First Place, a leadership that aims to gain the trust of its people and the world and adapt to transformations.

Al-Marar said, during the opening dialogue session of the eighth Abu Dhabi Strategic Forum, which began this morning in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of a group of international decision makers and experts on political analysis.Today we note that participation. of oil in the UAE’s total output is 28%, which means that economic diversification policies are progressing, while the third feature is the UAE’s continued effort to consolidate UAE values ​​in tolerance, coexistence and embracing diversity. .

Al-Marar explained during the session entitled “The Emirates in the Fiftieth Year: A Regional Power with a Global Vision”, during which the President of the Emirati Political Center, Dr. Ibtisam Al-Ketbi, spoke to him about the next fifty. years, the UAE government has set ten principles, focused on strengthening the rules of the federal state, and working To create a better economy (economic development), develop human skills and continue to strengthen the state position at the international level. On the other hand, the principles revolve around activation of technology and technology tools and foreign aid.

The minister pointed out that the UAE’s foreign policy is working to reactivate and consolidate a good neighborhood to build regional stability and neighborhood, and to contribute to resolving existing crises, not just relieving tension and managing crises. Among the foreign policy goals are the search for common ground with the ocean and the world, as well as an interest in building peace, combating climate change and tackling international crises to promote international peace and development.

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