37% of private school students in Abu Dhabi are immune

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge announced that the date for activating the Blue Schools initiative has been brought forward, following the high rates of student vaccination against the virus (Covid-19), to reach 37% among all students in private schools. and schools of educational partnerships.

The Blue Schools Initiative aims to support the return of schools to normal life, through a gradual relaxation of procedures, as implementation of the initiative will begin two months before the planned date, allowing schools the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits provided by the initiative program. during the first semester of the current academic year. This step comes as a result of the remarkable increase in vaccination among students of all age groups in private schools and educational partnership schools in Abu Dhabi. Statistics to date indicate that 93% of students aged 16 years and over, 68% of students in the 12-15 age group, and 21% of students under 12 have received the vaccination against the (Covid-19) virus . .

Amer Al Hammadi, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi, said: “Our educational community has shown a high commitment to achieving national efforts to immunize, and for that it was natural to support the efforts of the school community, and enable the gradual return to normal school life, activating the Blue Schools initiative at the moment. Which will definitely reflect positively on vaccination levels. “

With the activation of the initiative, 34 private schools and educational partnership schools in Abu Dhabi, from the orange level to the other levels specified in the system of the initiative, which consists of four levels. The benefits that schools gain range from relaxation of physical distance measures, requirements to wear masks, allowing the organization of school field trips, indoor events and extracurricular activities, including the practice of team sports, and sports that require direct contact, in addition to allowed. participation in sports competitions inside and outside the school.

Based on the goals of the initiative, which aims to improve transparency about vaccination in schools, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge has launched a website for the initiative, to enable parents to see detailed information about the initiative, the method to calculate vaccination. tariffs, and clear data on mitigation measures for each level. The site also includes dedicated tools that allow parents to search for a specific school, see the rate of vaccination in it and track its progress within the levels of the initiative, along with the high rate of vaccination.

According to government protocols, vaccination for students under 16 remains optional. As part of the implementation of the Blue Schools Initiative, vaccination is an essential pillar to full recovery, as the initiative encourages various students to choose vaccination, improve prevention of infection with the virus (Covid-19) and reduce its effects in school. community.

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