£ 5,000 reward after “savage attack” on Birmingham pensioner | The news

Crimestoppers offer the reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction

Joseph Sharpe was attacked in his home

Author: Polly BayfieldPublished 24 minutes ago

A reward of £ 5,000 is offered to anyone with important information about who was behind a “savage attack” on a pensioner while he was sleeping in his home in Moseley. Crimestoppers offers the reward for any information that helps West Midlands Police arrest or convict those responsible.

77-year-old Joseph Sharpe was beaten by two masked men in the early hours of the morning on Moor Green Lane on Thursday, September 23rd. They demanded the keys of an Audi S4 parked on his driveway but he did not have them because the car belonged to a friend.

The attack left the grandfather with serious injuries, including a dislocated shoulder after he was pushed out of his bed and punched and kicked around his head and body.

Mick Duthie, Director of Operations at the Crimestoppers charity, said: “The horrific brutality inflicted on Joseph is hard to believe and, as the photo shows, has left the victim with severe injuries that are shocking to see.

“Those involved could strike again at any time. It is very likely that someone in the community will have their suspicions about the perpetrators or even know for sure. Let me be clear that this is your chance to speak 100% anonymously to our charity to help prevent other vulnerable people suffering from these brutal men.

“If you have information related to this attack, however small, I urge you to make a difference and call our UK Contact Center, which is open 24/7, by toll-free 0800 555 111 or you can use our simple and secure anonymous. an online form at www.crimestoppers-uk.org. No one will know you have contacted our charity and you will do the right thing for Joseph, his troubled family, friends and the wider community. “

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