6 thoughts on Floyd de Rosedale’s victory over Minnesota

IOWA CITY – Back at Big Ten Media Days in July, PJ Fleck was asked by a reporter what is the most difficult environment in which he competed as a player or coach.

The Minnesota head coach’s response in six words?

“The University of Iowa at night.”

While Saturday’s Iowa-Minnesota game began at 2:40 pm, the second half was played under dark skies, “Blackout” crowd conditions and the typical Kinnick Stadium night feeling. It turned out to be Fleck’s worst Iowa-Minnesota nightmare as his team outscored the Hawkeyes for much of the game. However, Iowa raised Floyd from Rosedale for the seventh consecutive year.

Finding an explanation for Iowa’s 27-22 win against the Gophers may begin with some Kinnick magic. The game seemed to pile up against the Hawkeyes as Minnesota overtook the 200-yard speed mark in the third quarter against the normally stingy Iowa defense.

Then when Keagan Johnson stepped out of a dead in-water wide-receiver screen, kept his footing and ran 27 yards for an exciting touchdown early in the fourth quarter, it felt like that would somehow end up being Iowa’s night. .

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