8 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

This week, we continue to feel the ever-present effects of climate change. Whether it’s a 100-degree heat index in your city or the wild fires raging in Greece and California, our new normal is impossible to ignore. We looked at the impact that fires have across the world. Now that the Olympics are over in Tokyo, some photographers are looking back at their favorite images from the 2020 Games. Photographer Lanna Apisukh has spent years documenting the skateboarding culture, and her images will encourage you to go out and learn ollie.

In China, a group of elephants migrating hundreds of miles captured hearts and imaginations, and a Welsh photographer. Claire Thomas shared pictures and her love for horses in photos of her time working on a two-story farm in Wyoming. Buck Ellison photographed what old money looks like and who pays for it, as seen in the New Yorker. Jake Michaels traveled to Belize to photograph there a Mennonite community that seems frozen in time.

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