A 17-year-old girl “beaten and raped by 17 men in a locked room for four days after being stabbed by a taxi driver”

A girl was raped by 17 strangers after being drugged by a taxi driver on her way home from buying a ball gown, reports claim.

The girl, 17, says she was held hostage and abused by a succession of men for four days, first on a riverbank and then in a house nearby.


A schoolboy recounted how she was raped by 17 men in a horrific four-day ordealCredit: KTK

She went public with her suffering claiming that police did not arrest the rapists five months after.

The girl said she was abducted by the taxi driver after shopping at a market in Saryagash, in southern Kazakhstan, in May.

On the way home, the car veered off the usual road. When she got scared and started crying, the driver offered her a bottle of water to “calm down”.

She said she darkened after a few sips.

The girl told the local KTK television station: “I woke up by the river. I lay on the ground completely naked and surrounded by several men.

“They raped me on the bench, then took me home.

“There, they raped me again and then started calling their friends saying, ‘come here, we have a girl.’

“One by one, the other men came into the room where I was locked, and did that to me.

“They hit me and threatened to drown me in the river when I tried to repel them.”

Four days later, they returned her clothes to her and pushed her through the door, the teenager’s mother said.

The teenager was able to identify 17 local men as suspects.

They were placed under restrictions, meaning they could not leave the city, but were not arrested.


“The criminal case was opened five months ago,” the mother said. “Since then no one has been arrested.”

She added that they decided to speak out after losing hope that the perpetrators would be brought to justice.

Saltanat Karakozova, a spokesman for the Turkestan regional police, said: “A series of examinations are underway. The investigation is ongoing.”

Investigators say they were prevented by the victim’s mother from destroying vital evidence.

The woman explained that she burned her daughter’s clothes “to get rid of bad memories”.

According to local media, the mother also accepted payments totaling £ 13,750 from the suspects.

She claims police told her she should be happy with that, and “keep her mouth shut,” but she wants the rapists in jail.

The girl and her mother spoke to a local television station in Kazakhstan


The girl and her mother spoke to a local television station in KazakhstanCredit: KTK
She identified 17 local men as suspects but five months later, no one was arrested


She identified 17 local men as suspects but five months later, no one was arrestedCredit: KTK

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