A $ 200K whiskey collection for sale in Vancouver is the only one of its kind in North America

Vancouver –

Hundreds of people gathered at the BC Liquor Store on Cambie Street in Vancouver on Saturday for the opportunity to buy rare spirits that are usually not available for most of the year.

BC Liquor Stores ’annual liquor publication offers“ something for everyone, ”according to Adele Shaw, alcohol manager for the provincial liquor chain.

This year, more than 180 products – including whiskey, rum and liqueurs – are available.

“This is the biggest we’ve had,” Shaw said. “This is our 16th year.”

The crown jewel of the proposal is an extremely rare – and extremely expensive – collection of Dalmore Scotch whiskey.

The Dalmore Decades collection is one of only 25 sets available in the world and retails for $ 200,000. It has four whiskeys from the Dalmore distillery, the youngest of which was bottled in 2000.

“It’s the most expensive set we’ve ever had,” Shaw said. “We’re the only province that got it and the only retailer in all of North America that has that product.”

As it has done with other rare whiskeys in the past, BC Liquor Stores held a lottery to determine who would have the chance to shell out about three times Vancouver’s average household income in a single purchase.

A total of 120 people applied to take part in the lottery.

However, not all products released on Saturday will break the bank. Shaw said the fun of the annual alcohol release, for many, is the variety of products on offer.

“The really sought after things” will be gone by the end of the day, she said, but unusual and interesting things will be available over the weekend.

Client Kevin Gamble told CTV News that he is looking forward to the release of spirits every year.

The self-described “whiskey sister” said he likes Scots who have “lighter” flavors, rather than the strong, smoky flavors for which some varieties of the spirit are known.

“A lot of that you just can’t find during the regular season, so you’re looking forward to your whiskey Christmas, which is today,” Gamble said.

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