A college student exposes the tricks of the managing director

Despite her young age, and not completing her university studies, a young (Arab) young woman was able to uncover systematic crimes of embezzlement committed by a managing director in her father’s company, exploiting the company owner’s confidence in him and giving him wide. powers, including training the daughter who hit the final nail in the coffin of her betrayal of the trust, according to a story she published The Public Prosecution Office in Dubai, based on its files in its concept patrol, “Crime and Lesson”.
The event began, as told by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, after several meetings that took place between them and discussed economic issues and proposed projects. , so he offered him a job as a general manager in the company and George unhesitatingly agreed.
After two weeks, the new CEO was at the helm, exercising his broad powers in managing multimillion-dollar transactions, and he became so trusted by the company’s owner that he asked his eminent manager to train his daughter Sumaya during her summer. holidays to take advantage of her extensive experience, especially as she studies business management and Accounting.
After two months of Sumaya’s hard work in the company and her great enthusiasm and desire to take responsibility, the magic turned against the magician as the clever young woman began to notice suspicious transactions, so she followed her silently until she discovered the transfer of a giant. sums of money for three years to the personal account of the manager, his wife, sister and one of his friends, Instead of transferring it to the account of the company.
When the owner of the company found out, he was very disappointed, because of the important position he gave to the defrauded manager, the tempting salary, annual bonuses and benefits that he and his family did not dream of, so he took legal action against the administrator.
The Public Prosecutor stressed the need not to give full powers to one person or give him blind trust, and company owners must establish work systems for continuous review and supervision to keep their money.

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