A Japanese-style Sunday roast launches at a unique York bar

The SHORI roast dinner…Photo: Shori

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Two unique York businesses – Fodder and Shori – have teamed up to create a delicious partnership.

It was a chance encounter when Shori founder Danny Victory appeared in Feed for a drink, and discovered they were watching getting a pop-up kitchen.

Specializing in Japanese-style food, Shori has been at SPARK for the past two years but Danny made the decision to leave in mid-October – which meant the time was perfect.

And it sounds like a match made in the sky – as Shori launched her brand new Japanese-style roast dinner at Forage.

“The partnership has only grown organically enough,” said Callum Houston of Forage.

Feed has opened recently on Little Stonegate, and specializes in sustainable cocktails that use “feed” ingredients.

“Danny is very keen to do great high quality things that are unique to the current offering in York, so we fit in well,” Callum added.

“The roast started as simply as I said I would like to make a roast on Sunday. Danny then put on his own Shori spin and it’s pretty incredible! ”

Customers can choose between char sui pork, lemon and yuzu kosho chicken, and XO mushroom – which is a vegan choice.

Served together will be Japanese curry roasted glazed carrots, seaweed spiced roasted potatoes, miso-sweet corn and roasted ground broccoli.

… Anyone else suddenly hungry?

The roast dinner is £ 15 per person, or £ 25 for two people. It will be served every Sunday from 12 noon to 6 p.m. Reservation is advised!

To make a reservation, visit the Forage website here.

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