A new COVID-19 variant found has dangerous spike protein mutations

European countries have detected a new coronavirus variant that has some mutations that scientists have never seen before.

What is the new Europe COVID-19 variant?

French newspaper Le Telegramme reported that the new variant – called B.1.X or B.1.640 – infected 24 people at a French school in October. Since then, a handful of cases have been discovered in Britain, Switzerland, Scotland and Italy.

  • The variant is not too widespread because the delta variant is so dominant.

Why is the new Europe COVID-19 variant dangerous?

Cyrille Cohen, a professor at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, told The Jerusalem Post that variant B.1.640 has some new mutations that we haven’t seen.

  • For example, the prickly protein that enables the virus to attach to the human cell and infect humans has deletions that have not been noticed before. This could make it difficult for vaccines to identify the stinging protein before it infects humans.

Where did the European variant COVID-19 come from?

Cohen told The Jerusalem Post that the variant probably came from Africa, which probably wouldn’t have happened if the world had more access to vaccines.

  • “This variant exemplifies that if you leave any of the world’s population without access to vaccines, then the virus will continue to multiply and it will lead to more variants,” Cohen said.

Why should you pay attention to this variant?

The new variant appears as cases across Europe have increased. Experts said there could be a new COVID variant circulating in Europe right now, which is why cases have grown so fast, according to CNBC.

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