A “remarkable” victory gave Watson a “hat-trick”!

Dubai (Etihad)
The horse RB Reach Like Me won the second category Bani Yas Arabian Horse Championship for Victorias, while he dedicated the victory of the horse “Melfat” the hat-trick to coach Doug Watson, in the second Meydan race.
The races were launched with the names of: Dubai Police General Command, Director General of Civil Defense, Dubai Health Authority, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Dubai Government Media Office, and the total prizes amounted to 625,000 . dirhams.
“RB Rich Like Me”, the champion descended from the “Majd Al Arab” line, under the supervision of Fawzi Nass, and led by Adri de Fries, presented a remarkable show that ended with a 14-length lead, recording 1:33. : 31 minutes.
The horse “Ticking Names” revealed to Sheikh Mohammed bin Obaid Al Maktoum, his high potential, when he defeated his nearest competitor by 8.25 lengths, in the second half for a distance of 1200 meters, recording a time of 1:12:32 minutes. .
The pony “Kafu” of Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, under the supervision of Bubat Semar, and the leadership of Taj Oshi, surpassed very easily, and by a great difference of 6.5 lengths over its competitors, in the third series for distance . of 1600 meters, and Ibn “Kerlin” won 1:40:38 Precisely.
The “Imperial Empire” of Al-Rashid Stables, led by Sen Keren, awarded the double to coach Bubat Simar, with a deserved victory and a difference of 3.5 lengths in the fourth match for a distance of 1400 meters, and Ibn “Dabawi” won 1:25:28 minutes.
The horse “Faithful Soldier” Ley L. Butler, under the supervision of Doug Watson, “dually”, and led by Sam Hitchcott, fought fiercely before winning the fifth half title for a distance of 1400 meters, and the champion won 1:26 : 02 minutes.
The “hat-trick” for coach Doug Watson came in the sixth game from a distance of 2000 meters, through a “remarkable” win for Al-Ghandi Racing with the title led by jockey George Bickle, at 8 lengths, recording 2:07. : 32 minutes.
The finish was held by “Vazari” for Union Racing and Abdullah Al-Maamari, under the supervision of Mosbeh Al-Muhairi and led by Antonio Friso, who surpassed his nearest rivals by 1.75 lengths in the seventh and final match for distance of 1200. meters, recording 1:12:97.

List of Heroes

Rich Like Me
Speaking Names
Imperial Empire
Faithful Soldier



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