A woman is forced to return 7 cars, including a Rolls-Royce and a Porsche, to her ex-husband.

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Claims forced a woman to return seven cars to her ex-husband.

The details of the case go back to a man who is filing a lawsuit against his ex-wife, asking her to force her to return seven cars, and pay him three million and 339 thousand and 350 dirhams as compensation for the damages he suffered, explaining. that the defendant was his wife and he had four children by her.

The man indicated that he owned seven cars in the former marital home, and that the defendant had previously filed a lawsuit on personal status and a verdict was issued forcing the plaintiff to provide two cars for her. He was justified, stressing that he was damaged. because he was denied the use of cars.

While the defendant filed a memorandum that included a counterclaim, in which she indicated that the judgment issued in the personal status lawsuit forced her divorcee to dispose of two cars and bear their expenses, and that the plaintiff abandoned the cars concerned for his children, and that she paid the most of the Rolls-Royce car installments, and also paid a large portion of the Mercedes car installments of his own money and handed over to the plaintiff in cash, and that he paid a small portion of the installments as a gift, and registered the two cars in his name, and that she had not received from him a receipt, because he was her husband.

She has indicated that she does not use these cars for her personal interest, but rather they are intended for the benefit of the plaintiff’s children who are in her custody.

And she demanded that the court dismiss the original lawsuit, prove her possession of the Rolls-Rice car and prove that her ex-husband donated other cars to serve her children.

The court stated in the reasons of the verdict that what is proved in the articles is that all seven vehicles are registered in the name of the plaintiff, and the court heard witnesses whose statements came that the defendant used that vehicle, and that it was commissioned of renewal and maintenance of licenses, and the testimony did not indicate that the defendant was the one who bought the vehicle.And the plaintiff has six other vehicles located in the marital villa, and the defendant also used them, and this does not affect; which the Personal Status Court decided to provide two vehicles for the benefit of his children as he chooses the appropriate vehicles for his children.

The court stressed that the plaintiff’s statements cross-examination that the defendant gave her the vehicle, her statements came without proof, and the vehicle was still registered in the name of her ex-wife, and the burden of proving the gift or gift or even pay. the amount that makes the claim based on a wrongful act.And the court decided to compel the defendant to return the seven vehicles to the plaintiff, and dismissed the other claims, while forcing the defendant to pay the fees and expenses of the original lawsuit. , and dismissing the corresponding lawsuit with forcing the plaintiff to pay the costs.

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