A woman shows a chin infection reportedly caused by kissing a man with a beard

A woman shared a video about the infection she allegedly developed after kissing a man with a beard of straw, joking that she is a “stop survivor”.

On Wednesday, Hannah, who uses the username @ hannahwitts42 on TikTok, uploaded a video showing the effects the stub had on her chin, in response to another user @nebarb, who shared TikTok from her inflamed chin with the caption: “The dry skin beard after kissing a boy with a stubble. ”

In her own video, Hannah shared a series of photos of her own chin, with the first showing the area covered in what appeared to be a burn and small pus-filled blisters.

The video then transitioned into a close-up photo of the affected area of ​​Hannah’s face, in which the number of blisters could be seen increasing on the circular wound.

Hannah’s slideshow also included photos of the wound without the blisters, as well as one in which she could be seen with a bandage covering most of the lower bottom of her face.

In the final photo, the infected area appeared to heal as it showed Hannah’s skin peeling around the wound.

Hannah finished the video with a short clip of her face now, with the TikTok user smiling as she positioned her chin close to the camera to show the wound completely healed.

“I was waiting to tell my story,” Hannah titled the video. “#StubbleSurvivor.”

Although Hannah did not disclose further details about the suffering, the video went viral on TikTok, where it was watched more than 8.7 million times and where thousands of viewers shared their horror over the event.

“This made me never want to talk to a man again,” commented one spectator, while another said, “Beards are … contagious?”

Someone else added, “That’s why I have an irrational fear of facial hair.”

Others in the comments were curious about the details of the injury reportedly caused by a stubble, with some suggesting that Hannah had developed a staph infection.

Staphylococcal infections are highly contagious infections caused by bacteria often found on the skin or in the nose, with common symptoms including “bumps and flowing blisters”.

“So was it a staphylococcus or did he have a beard oil and you had a bad allergic reaction to it?” asked one person. Others questioned whether the wound was cellulite, a common bacterial skin infection.

While many viewers were shocked by the incident, the video also encouraged others to reveal similar experiences after being intimate with partners with facial hair.

“This happens to me too, Queen, why our skin is so sensitive,” one person commented, while another said, “I got a rash on my clavicle after cuddling with a guy who had a beard for less than three minutes.”

According to Debra Jaliman, MD, a dermatologist in New York with whom she has previously spoken Women’s Health, beards can be “breeding grounds” for germs if not properly cleaned.

“If a guy doesn’t take care of his mustache and beard carefully, they can become breeding grounds for germs,” she said.

The outlet also noted that beards can “camouflage symptoms of a transmissible skin problem” such as herpes or warts.

According to Medical News Today, there is also a disease called “beard burning”, which “occurs when a person’s skin comes in contact with another person’s facial hair” and “often presents as an inflammatory rash that is itchy and dry”.

Although Hannah did not specify why the wound became infected, the clip prompted one viewer to conclude, “Bro, from now on we will kiss with our masks ON.”

The Independent contacted Hannah for comment.

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