A young man drags his friend to prison for alleged “manhood”

A child friendship between two (Arab) youths in prison ended because of their delinquency from childhood to theft without attention or consideration from their families, and one of them dragged the other into a crime claiming it is the road to manhood, according to the Dubai. Public Prosecution, which is keen to publish crime stories of the reality of its files to raise awareness among Community members through its “crime and lesson” patrol.
The incident indicates that Yasser and Khaled are good friends, and their relationship goes beyond friendship to the brothers because they lived together in the old neighborhood, as they used to practice all their activities two days together, so they go to school and come back together . , succeed and fail together.
The strange thing is that they started stealing together, starting with a cigarette they stole from their parents, then a purse, then soft drinks from Uncle Sultan’s grocery store in the neighborhood, and although their parents were aware of these immoral disobedience, they were content with their river sometimes or laughter and a joke about their behavior sometimes another.
As the days passed, Khaled’s family moved to the new neighborhood, and the relationship of the two friends was severed, Khaled’s conditions improved, and his friends became among the elite and best of young people, until Yasser accidentally met in a business. center. , to revive their relationship, and the meetings were repeated to exchange conversation and restore old memories, until the day came Who encouraged Yasser and offered Khaled his participation in his new project, Khaled welcomed the idea, and asked about his work. , Yasser said (I trade in stolen cars). As expected, Yasser was caught by the police and dragged his friend with him.
Finally, the Prosecutor asserted that the lesson in this case is the consequences of the neglect and disrespect of parents for the behavior of their children since childhood.

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