“Al-Abyad” .. scary numbers in the “Tigers” battle!

Amr Obaid (Cairo)

Our team failed to stop the attack of the “Asian Tigers”, losing a new match in the World Cup qualifiers, during which the “white” remained a defender against a vast Korean attack, as he owned the ball in a very large. proportions in the first half, controlling the reins of things, and his possession percentage was 60% compared to 40% of our team, as was expected before the match, according to the performance of “Samson” since the beginning of the third stage of the qualifiers .
The owners of the ground carried out the high pressure in a scary way, with a huge ability to recover the balls very quickly, I always press the “white”, to the extent that the number of our attacks reached only in the first half. 6, including one complete attack, while the opponent made 21 attacks, completed 52% of them are in a frightening attack scene, so the scoring chances continue in the interest of the Koreans in a half that is considered the weakest for our team. in those qualifiers.
In total, the “Asian Tigers” scored 44 attacks throughout the match, with a clear balance over the two halves, and 21 of them were completed by 47.7%, while the performance of the “white” improved slightly in the second half, but the result remained the same, as 23 attacks were made.Only 3 of them were actually completed, with a success rate of only 13%.
And the South Korean team diversified its attacks between the two sides and depth, with a speed of 11 through the heart of the attack, 15 from the left side, and 18 from the right front, while the “white” parties disappeared, especially the right, who relied heavily on it in previous confrontations, only launching 5 attacks, with it against 6 from the left, the front moved a bit in this match, and 12 from the depth only one completed!
The Korean offensive crop was dangerous, after he shot 22 balls against our team’s goal at the rate of one try in every 4 minutes of play, including 6 between the post and the junction, Ali Khasif saved 5 of them, to be the best player. of our team in that confrontation, and 3 shots bounced by the international star’s target, Son Heung-min, and “Samson” hit 16 balls from easy penetration of our team’s penalty area for 6 tries outside it, and he used air games to shoot 6 balls with the heads of his players, while our players shot only 4 balls throughout the match, 3 of them outside the penalty area, and the defense saved Two ineffective shots from Caio, against one accurate attempt by Tahnoun Al. Zaabi, almost made a surprise, according to the course of the match.
The owners of the land created 12 confirmed scoring opportunities at a rate of one / 7 minutes, in line with the continued offensive pressure, while the “white man” only received two chances, one in each half, after failing to try to play on the. bounces, because he passed 60 long balls, but The accuracy of our passes in the opponent’s half did not exceed 66%, and our team failed to exploit the crosses, only sending 5 balls with an accuracy of “zero”, while the Korean team played 17 dangerous crosses with an accuracy of 59%, and the accuracy of its passes increased in our half of our stadium to exceed 84%.
In fact, the Koreans outscored themselves in this match, after passing 529 balls with an accuracy of 89.4%, and they were the most successful in doubles with 59.5%, in addition to 73.7% in air games that our players only managed to treat. with 26.3%, compared to 40.5% in doubles And our players passed 355 balls with an accuracy of 80%, most of which came away from the opponent’s dangerous areas, even at the level of contacts ” Samson “succeeded with 63.6% of them, compared to 55.6% for our team, which won one corner kick compared to 7 for the opponent.


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