Al-Hajri wins the Tamayuz title in the “Abu Dhabi Hurdles”

Abu Dhabi (Etihad)

Jockey Muhammad Al-Hajri won a new victory with the Horse “GS Fabian” of the Load Riding Club, in a one-round competition with a round of differentiation over hurdles (145) cm, at the Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club field, in the seventh week of the Emirates Longines Show Jumping League, hosted by Abu Dhabi Club For Equestrian in Three Days, the winners were crowned Major General Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al Raisi, President of the Horse Federation, a number of ambassadors to the country, and Kim Elliott, Director of the Abu Dhabi Horse Club.
The jockey, Muhammad Al-Hajri, won the major rounds of the seventh week meeting of the jump league, with the specifications of one round with a round of differentiation over hurdles 145 cm high, in which 32 knights of the first level competed, 4 of they managed to move to differentiation, all from the Load Riding Club, which They dominated the first seven places, and two riders completed the differentiation round without error, with a time difference, led by the jockey Al-Hajri with the horse “GS”. Fabian “with a differentiating time of 45.81 seconds, and the second jockey Salem Ahmed Al-Suwaidi with the horse” Diamond Way “and the time (46.20) seconds, and he won a prize The jockey, Shadi Gharib, took the third place on the horse “Smyr S”, and finished the differentiation in a time of (45.85) seconds, but with 4 penalty points.
37 knights of the first level competed in the one-round competition in hurdles (140) cm, 9 of them managed to complete the round without error, and 8 of them from the Load Riding Club, which pushed 23 of its employees in this competition . , and the first place prize went to the jockey Kristaps Nertinex.With the horse “Isamenk” from Latvia, the owner of great achievements in international championships in the riding fields in the UAE.
In the first contest of a single round on hurdles (130) cm for the riders of the first level and the middle category, 43 riders participated, and 9 riders completed the round without error. In a round competition with hurdles (130) cm competed 47 riders of the first and middle levels, and among 10 of them in the marking, 7 riders completed the round without error. , with a differentiating time (34.35) seconds, and the second by fellow jockey Muffy Aweidah Al-Karbi with the mare “Good Luck”, and a differentiating time (34.61).
The young Palestinian jockey, Faris Azzouni, on the horse “Turano”, won the title of the second qualifying competition for the World Youth Championship, which is controlled by the International Horse Federation in 2022, and its competitions are held with unified specifications in all . continents of the world. ) cm, and the participation of young jumping riders born (2004-2007), and the results of the qualifications will be decided at the level of the Asian continent at the end of this year, and then the qualifiers will be decided. be announced to take part in the International Horse Federation Championship to challenge the young riders.


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