All that FSU players said after their win over Miami

Parchment: I will not lie, that moment right there, I will remember that moment forever. That was something out of a movie when all the teams – we both fought hard throughout the game. Miami never gave up, backing them up. And also with our team, we never gave up, even when we started strong, started to slow down a bit, and then that fourth quarter, I feel like that was the juice we really needed to wake up again. I will never forget that moment. That was a really fun moment.

Johnson: Yeah, I don’t really remember the whole game to be honest, but I’ll remember that moment as Andrew said for the rest of my life. It was bigger than all of us at the time. If you’re playing this game and you really love it, there are certain times you can’t help but show your passion. That was one of those moments. I feel like we’ve had some control over our emotions, not letting it magnify. But when you love something enough, how I love my brothers and how my brothers love me, and when something is important to you, like this game against Miami, you can’t help but let your passion show. That’s what happened. And as Andrew said, that was probably the spark we needed. It woke us all up. It showed how much we care about this game and for each other. We got together and I’m glad we got back with W and made everyone proud.

Corbin: Just to pick up on what they said is Florida State Miami, this isn’t the first time this has happened before. When you have a rivalry game like this, emotions are high, but it’s about mastering your emotions and I think we’ve done a great job. Obviously we wanted to match their intensity. They came out excited. We had to match that, we did, and we controlled our emotions and we finished the game.

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