Australian Covid-19 cases fall to a recent low amid a battle against a third wave

CANBER: Australia has reported its fewest daily Covid-19 cases in recent weeks as the country continues to fight the third wave of infections.
There were 1,115 new locally acquired cases and five deaths from the pandemic reported across Australia on Sunday morning.
The majority of new cases were in Victoria, the country’s second most populous state with Melbourne as the capital, where 905 cases and four deaths were reported.
As of Saturday, 90.4 per cent of Australians aged 16 and over had received one Covid-19 vaccine dose and 83 per cent had been fully inoculated, according to the Department of Health.
More than 250,000 Australians had a third booster shot.
While the accelerating release is accelerating Health Minister Greg Hunt on Sunday said the government would not change its definition of “fully vaccinated”.
“The advice at this stage from Professor Brendan Murphy’s Scientific and Technical Advisory Group is that you are viewed as fully vaccinated by two doses,” he told Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) television.


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