Belfast has been declared the third most beautiful city in Britain with a surprising building called the most beautiful – so say the math

Mathematical formula declared Belfast the third most beautiful city in Britain.

he “golden proportion” uses a set of proportions that many artists and scientists consider to be the “epitome of natural aesthetic perfection”.

It was used by the Internet Mortgage Advisor to measure the appearance of over 2,400 buildings in the UK to find out which cities have the most beautiful buildings.

The higher the score, the closer the buildings of a city on average match the golden ratio.

The study, which analyzed 450 streets, found that Belfast was ranked third most beautiful, coming just behind Chester and London.

Liverpool came in fourth and Durham placed fifth.

Each city received a beauty score, with Belfast recording 82.9%.

The most beautiful of the buildings measured by the ratio was the Central Library of Belfast, gaining 98.2%.


The Art Deco-style Bank of Ireland building on Belfast’s Royal Avenue was built in the 1920s.

The library was one of the first major public library buildings in Ireland and first opened in 1888.

A competition for the design of the building was won by architect William Henry Lynn in 1883 and it was built by H&J Martin builders.

The library was designed to reflect the ambitions of the growing city of Belfast, and its architecture is considered a fine example of a public building at the height of the Victorian era, built of Dumfries red sandstone on a black granite base.

Other high-scoring buildings include the Bank of Ireland building on Royal Avenue (92.5%) and the Titanic Belfast which scored 86.5%.

Belfast City Hall was also listed scoring 73.7% and the Waterfront Hall also scored 66.5%.

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