Brett Favre misses a deadline to repay outstanding interest to Mississippi

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Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre missed a deadline to repay $ 228,000 in outstanding interest on misappropriated social money he received from the state of Mississippi for non-show speaking appearances.

According to Emily Wagster Pettus of the Related Press, Mississippi state auditor Shad White said Tuesday that Favre had failed to repay the state and he turned the matter over to the state’s Attorney General and Department of Human Services.

“A little over 30 days ago, my office made claims to several individuals ordering them to repay misused charitable money,” White said in a statement. “As I said then, if any of those individuals have failed to repay the money, the claims will be forwarded to the Office of the Attorney General, who is responsible for enforcing the requirements in court. My team has now sent the unpaid claims to the AG office. I understand that the Attorney General and the Department of Human Services have given authority to a private attorney to recover the misused money. We have been in contact with that lawyer and will provide any information he needs. “

Favre was paid $ 1.1 million by the state “for appearances, promotions, autographs and speech engagements.” However, Favre did not speak, and did not even attend, at the relevant events for which he was paid. Favre has disputed with that characterization that he was paid for non-appearances.

Favre initially paid $ 500,000 in May 2020 with a commitment to pay the remaining amount in installments in the following months. It took more than a year for Favre to get the rest of the initial $ 1.1 million repaid to the state, which he accomplished last month.

Favre does not face criminal charges. However, several individuals involved have been charged with embezzlement for channeling millions in federal social funds to a for-profit education firm.

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