Britney Spears speaks out loud post-conservatism

“I am here to advocate for people with real disabilities and real illnesses.

“I’m a very strong woman, so I can only imagine what the system did to those people.”

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Spears previously called her keeping “abusive” and said she was “traumatic” because of the lack of autonomy.

“I’ve been told now in conservation that I can’t get married or have a baby, I have [contraceptive device] inside me now so I don’t get pregnant, ”she told a court in June.

“I wish my boyfriend could drive me in his car.”

A judge decided to dissolve the court order of Spears’ custody last week, allowing the 39-year-old to regain control of her health, work and $ 81 million.

A Britney Spears fan who goes by the name Jakeyonce, right, is celebrating outside the courtroom after the court verdict.

Source: Los Angeles Times

The conservation was set up and overseen by the singer’s father, Jamie Spears, after she had a public collapse in 2007 and was hospitalized for secret mental health problems.

But despite the arrangement, Spears continued to work on a tight schedule for many years, releasing new albums, performing world tours and making several guest stars on television.

Speaking on Instagram, she said she hopes her story will have an impact and create some changes in what she described as a “corrupt” conservation system.

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Spears thanked the #FreeBritney movement, which for years campaigned to end her conservation.

“My voice was silenced and threatened for so long, and I couldn’t speak or say anything,” Spears told his followers.

“You made it clear to all of them … I honestly think you somehow saved my life.”

Spears said after saving that she appreciates the “little things” like being able to have her own set of car keys, having her own ATM card and being able to buy candles.

“It makes a huge difference. And thank you for that. You know, it’s nice. It’s really nice. ”

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