Cannibals strip £ 10,000 of car parts just back from a garage

Thieves stripped £ 10,000 of parts of a three-year-old car as it was parked on the side of a road hours after being brought back from the garage.

The hood, bumper, lights and Toyota sign were taken from the three-year-old Yaris who had just returned from having an accident damage repaired.

Owner Noreen Begum was alerted by neighbors after the thieves knocked around 3.20am, BirminghamLive reports.

She said: “I didn’t tell myself anything. I got out and there it was. Before this incident I was in a car accident and was repairing my vehicle – I had just returned my car on Friday evening.

“At 3 and 20 in the morning my phone rang and my heart sank. It was my neighbor who said you had to get out, someone stripped your car again.”

Noreen added: “Apparently my car wasn’t the only one – two days ago another car was stripped of its parts on another road. My neighbor’s catalytic converter was also stolen – so theft of car parts is now on the rise.

“I have to spend £ 250 from my own approach to pay for the damage done, which is not my fault.

“Whoever they are, I want them to understand that this is not acceptable and there needs to be more awareness.

The damage to a car window after the auto part theft (Image: Noreen Begum)

“I remember two years ago and there were a lot of hack shops and garages were raided – the police were at it. It stopped for a while but now it’s rising again.”

A West Midlands Police spokesman told BirminghamLive: “A front bumper was stolen from a Toyota Yaris in Pretoria Road, Bordesley Green on 6 November.

“We understand how inconvenient these types of thefts are and we would encourage anyone with information to contact us via a Live Chat out website.”


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