Chris Pratt screamed for praising a “healthy” daughter after a son’s disabilities

He chatted about a little too much.

Chris Pratt is called “bad and vile” for praising his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, for giving him a “healthy daughter” because his son with ex-Anna Faris, Jack, has suffered serious health problems over the years.

“I love Chris Pratt, but the ‘healthy daughter’ part made me surprised,” one person tweeted Thursday. “Although he may not have intended it as an insult, it seemed to turn out that way. Imagine how his son would feel if he ever read it? ”

Another intervened more angrily, “Chris Pratt has a child with Anna Farris [sic] who suffered a cerebral hemorrhage at birth and now has minor physical disabilities due to it. But he made sure to write ‘healthy daughter’ here. Chris Pratt is a debauchery. “

On Thursday, Pratt, 42, decided to write a birthday tribute to his wife – containing the controversial remark – six weeks early.

He subtitled a photo of him and Schwarzenegger, 31, “She gave me a wonderful life, a beautiful healthy daughter, she chews so hard that sometimes I put in my ear buds to suffocate it, but that’s love!”

As indicated, Pratt’s now 9-year-old son, Jack, was born premature and had to undergo many operations as a result. He weighed just 3 pounds, 12 ounces at birth.

“When Jack was born two months early, it was a huge shock. And suddenly, your world is completely changing, “Faris, 44, said in his podcast,” Unqualified, “in 2018, according to E! News.” Jack had a few surgeries. He had a few hernia surgeries, he had a few eye surgeries, and he had a small heart problem as well. “

In 2014, Pratt, 42, also acknowledged his son’s early struggles at a March of Dimes Celebration of Babies.

“I promised at that moment what kind of dad I wanted to be and I just prayed he would live long enough so I could keep them,” the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor, who is very vocal about his faith, said the time .

“Our Jack has gone from a small, helpless little splash to a strong, intelligent, happy, funny, handsome boy who loves monster trucks and‘ Daniel Tiger ’and, believe it or not, loves vegetables. Broccoli and cherry tomatoes are his favorite foods. “

Pratt and Faris ended their divorce in 2018 when Jack was six years old.

The “Tomorrow War” star then married Schwarzenegger in June 2019 and they welcomed their first child together – a little girl named Lyla Maria – in August 2020.

Deputies from Pratt and Faris did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.


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