College football rankings: Notre Dame, Cincinnati major winners in Week 11

In a game Kansas never wins, yet won, yet then let slip, the Jayhawks somehow regrouped and reaped their biggest win in 13 years on a pass from a quarterback making their first start of 2021 to a freshman defense that has yet to record. single university statistics.

Jalon Daniels threw a two-point conversion pass and Jared Casey caught it, and for the first time ever Kansas left Austin with a win over Texas, 57-56 in overtime. The Jayhawks, a 31-point underdog, gave the Longhorns their fifth consecutive loss – something that last happened in 1956. That shock reserved a Piran victory Saturday in the Big 12 that began with Baylor taking down leader Oklahoma. The league may have been eliminated from a College Football Playoff dispute on Saturday, but it certainly felt good for the remaining eight of its members to see the evacuees who destabilized the conference lowered.


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