COP26: Latest draft agreement attempts to ‘cheat, green wash and find loopholes’, says climate campaigners | Climate News

A key engagement on fossil fuels was downplayed in a draft of the final agreement between nearly 200 nations at the COP26 climate summit – and the latest text sparked a backlash from activists.

An earlier draft text stated that nations should promise to “accelerate the coal removal and subsidies for fossil fuels“.

The text now includes the word “incessant” in front of coal and specifies that “inefficient” subsidies for fossil fuels should be what is phased out.

Will they reach an agreement? Decisive COP negotiations come in last day

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How far away from a COP26 agreement are we?

Arab nations, many of which produce large quantities of oil and gas, protested against the wording of fossil fuels in the earlier draft.

The paragraph now reads: “(COP26) calls on the Parties to accelerate the development, diffusion and diffusion of technologies and the adoption of policies for the transition to low-emission energy systems, including by for fossil fuels. “

This reference could still be removed from a change in the final text.

But the draft document has already been criticized by activists.

Greenpeace international executive director Jennifer Morgan said: “Businessmen in Glasgow just have to seize the moment and agree on something historic, but they have to isolate the governments that have come here to ruin progress and instead listen to the calls of young people and vulnerable nations.

“At the same time we are witnessing an intentional and cynical effort by a number of nation-states to turn Article 6 into a charter for cheating, green washing and loopholes.

“Today is an absolutely critical day in the fight to defend the 1.5C goal of self-interest, which will do anything to avoid its responsibility for the climate crisis. Everything is less endangering the essence of Paris.”

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