COVID-19: Fifteen people arrested after protests in the Dutch city of Leeuwarden over a recently imposed lock | World News

Fifteen people have been arrested after protests erupted in the Netherlands over a recently imposed COVID-19 lock.

Hundreds of people gathered in the Dutch town of Leeuwarden on Saturday night, where videos showed them setting off a fireworks display and holding flares waving smoke.

The North Dutch Police Unit said some people refused to leave after they called everyone back home.

Dutch broadcaster NOS reported that riot police later moved in to push the protesters from the city’s central square.

Protesters also gathered on the streets of The Hague. Image: Patrick Aveling

Police said on Twitter that officers continue to check on Leeuwarden, which is about 85 miles north of Amsterdam.

Elsewhere in the The Netherlands, local media reported that bars in the southern city of Breda remained open beyond the new required closing time.

Under the new three-week period COVID-19 lockers, bars, restaurants and supermarkets must close at 8pm and shops selling non-essential items must close at 6pm.

Professional sports matches have been forced to be played in empty stadiums and people are encouraged to work from home as much as they can.

Social distance measures have also been reintroduced as part of the confinement, which is the first in Western Europe since a new wave of infections broke out across parts of the continent.

After the partial confinement was announced on Friday, protesters also gathered in The Hague, where they were seen dropping smoke bombs in protest of the measures.

The Netherlands has recorded a total of 2,309,626 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, along with 19,138 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Almost 85% of the Dutch adult population is fully vaccinated against the virus.

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