Crazy, brother ?: Steelers fans furious, defensive, confused after a daunting draw against Lions

The Pittsburgh Steelers tied the 0-8 Detroit Lions at home in a game that featured 15 total penalties, injuries to star players, three Steelers turnovers and some rotten game call.

Just how else did you think this week’s “U crazy, bro?” was to go?

Take it away, Stiller nation.

Rick gives a positive spin to the Steelers ’tie – and the close razor win over the Chicago Bears the previous Monday.

The Steelers could have lost both home games and instead lost neither! Yes, a very small victory, but not yet sunk. ”

Wow. This guy can see the bright side of anything.

“What did you think of the ride on the Titanic, Rick?”

“Well, we never got to New York, but that midnight swim was definitely refreshing.”

“What did you think of the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

“Well, it wasn’t very good, but at least we didn’t have to stay for the end of the second act.”

Ray blasts the Steelers training. Especially Mike Tomlin and Matt Canada.

I don’t remember Bill Belichick teams making the kind of mistakes the Steelers seem to make on a regular basis. Bad treatment, dropped passes and fumbles.

And where are the recent offensive games we expected from the offensive coordinator?

Point taken. Although, I also don’t remember Bill Belichick having to coach Mason Rudolph and Devlin “Duck” Hodges at quarterback.

Then again, he coached Matt Cassel to an 11-5 record, right? Hmm. Scratch that.

As for the recent offensive games, I don’t know. Honestly, a good old-fashioned delivery to the potential Rookie of the Year running back first-and-goal from the 5-yard line to start that failed three-quarter goal line sequence would be fine by me.

Henry tries to make himself feel better about the Steelers result by watching as the Cleveland Browns were bull-kicked 45-7 by the New England Patriots.

Sorry, Henry. The Browns lost to a six-win team. The Tempers tied a winless team at home.

I just can’t rationalize the results of that awful game thinking “AFC Rival X” stinks.

In since-deleted tweet, Jeff wrote:

The Steelers have not lost in the past 5 weeks. That should only bother the Tomlin haters and the negative media like Mark Madden and Tim Benz.

Maybe Jeff removed the tweet because he realized this isn’t the right time to swap a “winning streak” for an “undefeated streak” and act as if no one will notice.

When I sent that reply, Jeff clicked back.

“Facts are facts, Tim. All eliminated them at 1-3. Now 0.5 games out of the 2 seed. No spine. No politics. No hatred. Just facts. “

Here is another fact. They just tied a winless team at home on a day when that winless team didn’t even play particularly well.

David sent this email about the tie with specific care.

Can the NFL be prosecuted for intentional provocation of emotional distress?

It’s 2021. I think the NFL can be prosecuted for almost anything. But probably not that.

However, if you have a child at your home who is under the age of 17 and was allowed to watch that game, I bet DCFS now has you on a watch list.

Let’s end with someone who seems to have the right perspective on things. The floor is yours, Rea.

The running game stinks.

The passing game stinks.

The defense stinks.

The special teams stink

Even with all of our injuries and young guys playing together for the first time, with all the penalties called out against a 0-8 team, the Stillers should have won by two touchdowns.

At least.

When will Stiller fans wake up?

When will the sleepy eye Art Rooney II wake up? Does he even care?

If “the norm is the norm” will anyone ever have the courage to hold Mike Tomlin accountable?

Instead of splurging on how many games he’s won and on the fact that he has no losing seasons (send here, one comes) why don’t you make Rooney talk about the games he should have won and didn’t?

Like I said. A whole perspective.

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