“Emirates Education” is changing the mechanism of examinations for the third and fourth grades

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has made several amendments to the mechanism of the end-of-term examination for third and fourth grades, emphasizing the need for students in grades one to four in government schools nationwide to participate in the daily class schedule throughout the year. examination days, and during the period from the fifth to the ninth of the month.next December.

The first semester exams for students from the first to the twelfth begin on November 18 and extend until November 29 for the theoretical “A” category subjects, while students currently take the practical “B” category exams, which began on the seventh of November. and will run until November 17th.

The institution has divided the amendments to the examination mechanism into two groups, one of which is for third grade students, the first is that there are no final examinations in the first semester in the two groups of subjects “A” and “B”, for these students, and the second is to evaluate the performance of students on the formal assessment made by the teacher.And according to the central guidelines contained in the assessment guides, which are available on the educational platform “LMS”, the degree of formal assessment prepared by the teacher is monitored in the final assessment box in the Al Manhal system of 100 degrees.

As for the set of modifications for the fourth grade, the test is prepared centrally, distributed to schools on paper, a form to answer questions is sent through the Al-Manhal system, and the end-semester test score is manually monitored in the notebook. teacher in the final assessment box in the Al-Manhal system of 100 degrees, and finally The student completes the daily class schedule after completing the exam period daily.

The Foundation obliges school administrations to carry out several procedures before and during exams, which include organizational and other leadership matters, to ensure that exams work according to plan, including checking student data in the Al-Manhal system, activating student accounts. and teachers in the system, and complete the procedures for transferring students between the divisions and tracks.Not later than next Sunday, the departments also required to classify students in the category of People of Determination, and specify the type of individual curriculum, which the student follows, whether by modification, adaptation, or alignment.

The Foundation emphasized the importance of the knowledge of the administrative and teaching staff on the various systems, the knowledge of the students and their parents about the approved examiners, the seat of the committees, the knowledge of the evaluation policy and the mechanism for calculation. notes, in addition to being aware of the examination decisions, and ensuring that the precautionary procedures and measures are fully followed and observed.

Through its guidance, the schools required the administrations to provide the appropriate and appropriate environment for students, including 10 procedures necessary to implement, including the provision of examination halls, computer labs and student waiting rooms, to ensure physical distance between them, projecting leadership. boards for the locations of the halls, ensuring the readiness of the school clinic, and others.

electronic exams

The Emirates Foundation for School Education has finally approved the schedules for the end of the first semester exams for the current academic year, which will take place during the period from November 18 to 29, of the same month, for students in classes fourth to twelve in classes. public and private schools that implement the ministerial curriculum.

And a 90-minute time limit has been set for answering the examination questions for each subject, and the question paragraph is not limited in time, and students from fifth to twelfth grade examine electronically, emphasizing the need for students to join the official school. uniform, when applying the procedures contained in the school preparation guide for the completion of the first semester exam, In addition, all students must bring their computers to school during the exam period. It is forbidden to use the calculator for students of the first and second classes, and it is available for students of the third cycle.

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