Enrolling a child in unauthorized domestic activities will expose his or her parents to liability

An expert on child rights law and an attorney said the treatment of parents with claims that promote private lessons, talent development and home nurseries encourages them to continue the owners of these activities to do their job in illegal ways, and can lead to the exposure of children to danger, especially because they are not subject to the supervision of the competent authorities.The conditions of safety and prevention do not apply to services that are provided at home or outside of licensed educational centers.

They pointed out that there are four people who bear responsibility if children in unlicensed homes or centers are exposed to danger, they are the owner of the house or center that manages the unlicensed project, the driver who delivered the delivery, the supervisor, and the parents of the child who have registered their child in unlicensed domestic activities, nor subject to the supervision of the competent authorities.

And Emirates Today has been monitoring the return of advertisements for private lessons, talent development lessons and nursery schools on social media, at the entrances of apartment buildings, and in front of electric lifts, with attractive offers for families and mothers of students. babies and children, including delivery for a nominal fee for their registration.

These services are provided at home without obtaining a license from the competent authorities, and without being committed to safety and security standards, which leads to children being exposed to the risks of being overtaken or suffocated in vehicles, as a result of their forgetfulness, as happened in the past July with a child of the nationality of an Arab country who died Asphyxiated in a bus belonging to a talented development center in the Emirate of Ajman, after he remained asleep without attention for four hours, as investigations showed that the center. worked in an action contrary to what was recorded in the business license, which expired more than a year ago, and the Public Prosecutor in Ajman ordered the arrest of both The director of the center, the supervisor and the bus driver are pending in the case , accused of causing the death of the child.

The Deputy Director of the Emirates Child Protection Association, and child rights law expert Moza Al-Shoumy, told Emirates Today that any activity related to children, whether in kindergartens or in educational centers and talent development, must to be a subject. to a responsible supervisory authority, as the parents of the children bear the responsibility to expose him.At risk if he is registered in an unlicensed center, or allowed to be registered in a domestic nursery in violation, as they must, before registering the child. , to ensure the legality of the work of the center and nursery, and to provide safety and prevention standards on the transport bus.

She stated that the person in charge who leads the project, whether in the nursery or in the educational centers, bears responsibility for exposing the children to danger because he allowed their acceptance without being subject to safety and security standards and requirements, and without obtaining. license, and that the driver and supervisor, if present on the bus, bear Responsibility for forgetting children on the bus, or being run over if they get off the bus without an escort.

She explained that Article 35 of the Law on the Rights of the Child stipulates that “it is prohibited for the person responsible for the care of the child to submit to neglect or usually leave him without supervision or follow-up, or to leave his guidance and direction., Or not to do so. their affairs. ” And that Article No. 60 of the law stipulates that “Whoever violates the law shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine of 5,000 dirhams.”

She pointed out that the child’s parents, the project owner, the supervisor and the driver are all subject to the provisions of the law as they have to take care of the child, not expose his life to negligence either. danger, and not to register, receive or transfer him to an unauthorized place legally.

For his part, Legal Counsel, Muhammad Zagharut, indicated that if a child is exposed during his transfer from his home to the educational center or home nursery, the director of the center or responsible for the nursery that provides transportation, the supervisor and the driver. to bear the consequences of exposing the children to danger, and in the event of his death due to overrunning or suffocation, according to the law, they have caused murder, which requires imprisonment and parental fine.

He added that Article 342 of the Federal Penal Code stipulates that anyone who causes the death of a person by his error shall be punished by imprisonment and a fine or one of these two punishments, his profession or profession, or if he was under the influence of drunkenness or anesthesia when the accident occurred, or at that time he stopped from helping the victim, or from asking for help when he could do so.

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