Ex-jet Zac Stacy wanted by Florida police for allegedly beating an ex

Former Jets running back Zac Stacy is wanted by police after he allegedly savagely beat his ex-girlfriend in front of their 5-month-old son in a captured on-camera attack.

Florida police have issued a warrant for Stacy’s arrest – but the ex-NFL player is on the run, possibly in the Nashville, Tenn., Area, according to the Daily Mail.

In the critical footage, the huge, 30-year-old athlete allegedly got furious at Kristin Evans ’home in Florida at 2 p.m., Saturday, according to pictures she posted on social media. He is shown repeatedly punching her in the head, then dragging her across the living room and throwing her on TV.

In jail, Evans claims Stacy has been abusing her since she became pregnant with her child last year, with the horrific attacks escalating, according to the outlet.

“He will not stop. He will kill me and he will feel justified in his actions, ”she wrote in the order obtained by the Daily Mail.

Former Jets running back Zac Stacy is on the lame after beating his ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans in front of his 5-month-old son.
Al Pereira

After the alleged beating, Stacy said “I love you” to her baby son and left before Evans called 911, she said. She later went to hospital with contusions and a head injury.

In jail, Evans also revealed that Stacy was “voluntarily hospitalized for mental illness” in March 2021 and is taking medication for the condition, according to the outlet.

Zac Stacy attacking ex Kristin Evans
Zac Stacy seems to be punching Kristin Evans in the head and throwing her into a TV in pictures she posted to social media.
candleeats / Twitter

On Thursday, NFL players responded with terror – with NFL star Davante Adams asking for him to be arrested.

“ZAC STACY NEEDS TO BE THROWN UNDER THE CARS,” the Green Bay Packers receiver tweeted.

Chris Long, a former teammate of Stacy’s on the St. Louis Rams, called the footage unhealthy. “Woke up with Zac Stacy’s video. It made my stomach spin,” he wrote further Twitter.

Evans said on social media that Stacy fled to the Nashville area after police in her hometown of Oakland, Fla., Took four days to issue an order for her arrest.

Zac Stacy attacking ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans.
Zac Stacy had previously been hospitalized due to mental illness.
candleeats / Twitter

“The Oakland PD officers who came to my house didn’t seem to think that was a bad enough incident to make an immediate arrest or request an immediate warrant. It took four days when I called people and an Orange County officer talking in me, ”she wrote on Facebook.

In the home watch video, Evans can be heard begging Stacy to stop hurting her when she falls to the floor.

“He punched me in the head several times!” I begged him to stop because the baby was on the couch just a few feet from where he punched me, ”Evans wrote in the jail.

Zac Stacy attacking Kristin Evans.
The video shows Kristin Evans begging Zac Stacy to stop when he savagely attacks her.
candleeats / Twitter

“As I lay on the floor, he started yelling at me, telling me I was destructive. He then lifted me off the floor and kicked me in the jumping chair of our son, ”she added. “I’m afraid for my life and the lives of my children.”

Evans said she had previously recorded a police report in October when Stacy allegedly slapped her on the cheek while she was holding their son.

Zac Stacy
Zac Stacy played eight games with the NY Jets in 2015. His ex-girlfriend Kristin Evans says she previously sought incarceration after he slapped her in the face in front of their son.
Joseph E. Amauro

Stacy, a former fifth-round NFL pick, played in eight games for the Jets in 2015. Prior to that, he was a St. Louis Ram for two years.


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