Fabrice Muamba wants defibrillators everywhere after a collapse that nearly killed him


Former football star Fabrice Muamba, who collapsed on the field and nearly died nine years ago, supports the Mirror’s campaign to have defibrillators in all public places legally.

Fabrice Muamba threw his weight behind the Mirror’s campaign

Former footballer Fabrice Muamba wants defibrillators to become as common as fire extinguishers in public places to save more lives.

The 33-year-old survived a cardiac arrest during an FA Cup match in 2012 with the help of one of the machines.

And former Bolton star Fabrice thinks children should be taught to use them from an elementary school age.

The father of four supports the Mirror’s campaign to have automated external defibrillators in all public places legally.

Fabrice said: “Speaking from personal experience, I think defibrillators are a huge piece of equipment to have.

The former Bolton star almost lost his life at Tottenham in 2012


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“It’s heartbreaking that a person dies from a sudden cardiac arrest because they didn’t have a defibrillator or someone nearby wasn’t trained to use it.

“Fire extinguishers are accessible in every building and I think it’s important that defibrillators be the same.”

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation training is part of the curriculum for high school students in England aged over 12.

But Fabrice added: “Make it mandatory for children from elementary school to high school to have CPR training every year.

Muamba could not contain his emotion after meeting the fans again after his recovery

“So when they need to use it, they’re trained to use it and not afraid.”

Fabrice is working with Virgin Media to increase awareness of life-saving training.

The telecommunications company worked with the British Heart Foundation to train 500 front-line employees on CPR and install 500 portable defibrillators in work vans.

In August, Virgin technician Morgan Sherlock saved the life of a middle-aged man who suffered a cardiac arrest in Bristol.

The Mirror requires a change in the law

He restarted his heart with a defibrillator.

Fabrice said: “Here’s the evidence to prove the point … if you have equipment there and people trained to use it, you have a better chance of surviving.”

A recent survey commissioned by Virgin found that 89% of Britons would help a foreigner with a medical crisis.

But only 48% said they would feel confident enough to use CPR.

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