Golden State Warriors: Tracy McGrady backs Dubs to overpower the Lakers in championship racing

T-Mac – a seven-time All-Star across a 16-year career – was the league’s back-to-back top scorer in 2003 and 2004 as part of the Orlando Magic before retiring in 2013, three years before Curry would. win the first of his two winning titles.

Now in his 12th season in the Gulf Region, Curry continued his one-man attack from the record books with stubborn consistency, twice being named the league’s most valuable player en route to three NBA championships.

The 33-year-old point guard was already serenaded by MVP shouts and blinded again this season, following a 50-point transfer against the Atlanta Hawks with another lead in the Warriors ’117-99 dominant win over the Brooklyn Nets on Tuesday night.

Curry dropped nine quarterbacks in a 37-point performance to pass 2,900 career regular season markers, placing him within range of all-time leader and Hall of Famer Ray Allen on 2,973.

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Satisfied now to admire and love the game from the side as an analyst, McGrady believes Curry will justify his NBA prediction.

“You won’t believe me, but before the season started, I had the Warriors,” McGrady told CNN Sport’s Andy Scholes.

“I just look at who Steph is. I look at the pieces they have on that team. Klay [Thompson] Not even back yet, the appearance of a guy like Jordan Poole, you brought [Andre] Iguodala reen, Draymond [Green] looks fantastic. [James] Wiseman isn’t even on the court – and these guys are a wonderful start.

“Steph, you saw the other night had 50 points. I mean, you just don’t know who to call in. There’s going to be a lot of racing when Klay comes back and they could put that together.

“They’ll be tough because the shooting is outstanding on his team. Having four or five guys who shoot the ball better than anyone in the league and the way they play team basketball, it’s hard to really plan a game against a team. That way.”

LeBron to the rescue of the Lakers?

A win over the Nets improved the Warriors’ record to an NBA best 12-2 on the season, keeping them top of a Western Conference that many initially gave the Los Angeles Lakers to lead.

The injury absence of one of the greatest players of all time in LeBron James stands as a notable mitigating circumstance, but the Lakers made a subdued start to the season.

Tuesday night’s 121-103 defeat against the Chicago Bulls dropped the Lakers to 8-7 and leaves them intermediate in seventh place, though the reportedly imminent return of 17-time All-Star James from his abdominal strain may well inspire growth in riches.

James has struggled with injury this season, but T-Mac thinks the veteran superstar’s teams are always in it with a chance.

But can James lift the oldest team in the league to the title?

“I think they can,” T-Mac said. “Any team that LeBron is a part of, they can win a championship.

“I think they’re built for the finals. This is a marathon for them because these guys are in age. It will look spotted sometimes, it won’t look as if they can win a championship.

“They’re still trying to put things together; we’re talking about adding a lot of new pieces to this team to build that chemistry.

“So I like their team. I just like Golden State better.”

Simmons Sixers saga

In the Eastern Conference, the Philadelphia 76ers sit on an identical record to the Lakers after a losing 120-85 defeat to the Utah Jazz on Wednesday, which made it five losses in a row.

Ben Simmons’ saga continues to loom over the team – the Australian point guard reportedly receiving another fine for not turning to the Sixers ’six off-game run – in a public confrontation that has bubbled continuously since an incident involving a play late in the team’s 7 Eastern Conference Semifinals defeat against the Hawks last season.

However, McGrady believes both parties must take responsibility for the Sixers ’seemingly inevitable divorce and a“ wonderful ”player.

“I think it’s guilty on both sides, to be honest with you,” McGrady said.

“How things really happened in the finals last year where Ben didn’t shoot the ball, how the fans reacted to his final performance. Philly is a tough, very, very tough fan and you have to be mentally tough to be able to do. Play in a city like Branch .

“I just think about how Ben played in those final series and how those fans reacted, I knew it would be hard for him to come back into this season to play for the Philadelphia 76ers, and I’m sure he felt that.

“The Sixers knew that. They should do something to protect this kid and not have this last so long. So I blame both sides really and hopefully they can rectify this situation so Philly can move on and Ben Simmons can move on. further with his career because I think the kid is amazing as a basketball player.

“Hopefully, this offseason, he’s been working on his shooting ability to come in, for whoever he plays for … he can then become a complete player because I love his game.”

About Kyrie: “I have to respect his decision not to get vaccinated”

For all the coverage of the Simmons saga, it may not yet be the current highest-profile NBA player-team block – a title that certainly goes to Kyrie Irving and the Nets.

In light of his decision not to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the Nets ’seven-time All-Star guard remains away from the team. Irving was initially only unable to play home games under the New York vaccine mandate, although the Nets announced before the season that Irving would not play or practice with the team until he is eligible to be a full participant.

Irving’s absence leaves the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of superstar duo Kevin Durant and James Harden, though McGrady believes he would have respected Irving’s choice if he had been his teammate.

McGrady says of Irving:

“Obviously, the main goal is to win a championship, and we need everyone to be a part of that,” McGrady said.

“As Kyrie chooses not to do for whatever reason he has, I have no other reason than to respect his decision. I want to win a championship and I would love for my teammate to be there, but I also have to respect his decision not to get vaccinated.”

Speaking to CNN Sport on Veterans Day and recently returning from visiting U.S. troops in Qatar, T-Mac reflected on the realization of a career he attributes to the sacrifice of soldiers and women.

“My dream was to make it to the NBA … and my dream came true,” McGrady said.

“That game led me to so many places that I never thought I would be there to meet so many people all over the world.

“Standing in front of our military – if it weren’t for them, my dream wouldn’t come true. For what they sacrifice, their courage, what they do for us for our freedom. It was a beautiful, great day.”


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