Gulf Arab drives his vehicle under the influence of drugs and resists the police

The Fujairah Criminal Court sentenced Gulf National to four years in prison, sentencing him on five charges, including the use of narcotics and psychotropic substances, possession of narcotics and psychotropic substances with intent to use, assaulting a police officer, resisting him while performing. his work, and driving a vehicle under the influence of narcotic substances. .

In detail, the defendant resisted three security guards, beat them while they were performing their duties and inflicted injuries on them while he was under the influence of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Police received reports that the defendant possessed a quantity of narcotics and psychotropic substances, with the intent of advertising, and on the order of the Prosecutor, the defendant was arrested, but he resisted the officers and attacked them, and during the search for the vehicle he was driving was found a quantity of substances.mental.

In the police report and the prosecutor’s investigations, the defendant confessed that he resisted and attacked the officers, causing them injuries, and that he used a psychotropic substance and possessed a psychotropic substance, and drove his vehicle on a public road under the influence of narcotics. .

Before the court through the remote probation program, the defendant told the court that he did not attack or resist the employees, did not cause them injuries, and did not drive his vehicle on a public road under the influence of a psychotropic substance. , while he accepted the other charges, which are the use and possession of psychotropic substances.Without the legally authorized cases, he is required to be acquitted of the first and fifth charges.

The court convicted the defendant of the charges against him on the basis of his admission to the police inference archive and the Public Prosecutor’s investigations, as the court took them for its reassurance as to their validity and conformity with the truth and reality, as the lesson in criminal proceedings is the conviction of the subject judge of the evidence before him to convict the accused or his innocence, especially since the defendant did not claim that this The confession was extracted from him under duress, and the medical reports on the victims confirm the validity of the confession, followed by his explicit confession before the court of use of psychotropic substances in cases other than those authorized by law, and that he possessed a psychotropic substance.The lab report also confirmed the finding of psychotropic substances in the urine sample of the defendant.

The court imposed a three-year imprisonment for the first charge, a one-year imprisonment for the second, third and fourth charges, for association, and a monthly imprisonment for the fifth charge, in addition to confiscation of the confiscated items.

• The court reassured the defendant’s confessions in the police report, and the prosecutor’s investigations.

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