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In Improving Public Awareness and Building a Careful and Inclusive Community

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – November 14, 2021 – The “Hang Lung X HKYWCA” Love · No · Border “Dementia Friendly Program – Community Inclusion Day” co-organized by Hang Lung Properties Limited, “Hang Lung Properties”, stock code: 00101 ) and the Hong Kong Young Women’s Christian Association (“HKYWCA”) took place at Amoy Plaza on November 13, 2021. The event enjoyed an enthusiastic response attracting more than 2,000 participants, including families with elderly relatives with dementia as well as members of the wider community.

(From center to right) Ms. Gwen Kao, President of the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dr. Chiu Ha Ying, Governor and Executive Committee of the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease, share insights into care. dementia patients with public

The “Dementia Friendly Art Gallery” showcases the artwork created by seniors with dementia, showcasing their extraordinary abilities and individual stories.

The large-scale wing art exhibition attracts the public to take photographs

The event was officiated by Ms. Koo Kwok Lai, Rebecca, District Social Welfare Officer (Kwun Tong) of the Social Welfare Department; Ms. Helen Lau, Deputy Director (Head of Hong Kong Business Operations) of Hang Lung Properties; and by HKYWCA, Service Director (Senior Service) Mr. Chow Wah Tat, Kenneth, and Service Director (Youth & Community Service) Mr. Foster Lam. Ms. Gwen Kao, President of the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dr. Chiu Ha Ying, Governor and Member of the Foundation’s Executive Committee, were also present to share valuable information on dementia symptoms and patient care. , to increase the audience. awareness of the needs of patients and caregivers in the hope of building a more caring and inclusive community.

Ms. Helen Lau, Deputy Director (Head of Hong Kong Business Operation) of Hang Lung Properties, said, “Hang Lung Properties is committed to promoting sustainability in society and the environment. We respond to the needs of people in society and contribute to the well-being of the public through a series of sustainable sustainable community investment projects. As the proportion of elderly people in the population With dementia, Hang Lung Properties and HKYWCA have launched the “Love · No · Limit” Dementia Friendly Program, a three-year scheme that offers support to dementia patients and their caregivers. training volunteers for participation in social services and the provision of training for frontline staff so that they can offer appropriate assistance to those in distress in their daily work.With this collaboration, we hope to deepen public awareness of dementia and have a positive impact on the building a diverse and inclusive community and the sustainable development of society ”.

Ms. Koo Kwok Lai, Rebecca, District Social Welfare Officer (Kwun Tong) of Social Welfare Department, said, “Dementia friendship has been a topic of growing concern in recent years. Given the aging population, the number of dementia patients in Hong Kong continues to grow. Now is a good time for Hang Lung and HKYWCA to launch the” Love.No.Limit ” A Dementia Friendly Program that can have a significant beneficial impact on the community.Indeed, the Social Welfare Department has been dedicated to promoting dementia friendship in the community through different means and to providing early intervention as well as care services to support patients. It is gratifying to see that nurses and energetic youth in Kwun Tong District, in addition to the dementia patients themselves, are joining the Community Inclusion Day.It is hoped that the Program may not only expand the awareness of the youth but also encourage people to become Dementia Friends. , so they can better understand the needs of dementia patients and join hands for a more inclusive community.

Mr. Chow Wah Tat, Kenneth, Service Director (Old Service) of the Christian Association of Hong Kong Girls, said, “We are very excited to work with Hang Lung Properties to raise public awareness of brain health and dementia in society, and jointly promote a dementia-friendly community. HKYWCA has delivered a wide range of services in Hong Kong, with services for the elderly as a key priority. The “Love · No · Border” Dementia Friendly Program has been running for a year now and we are excited to see the positive impact with over 900 attendees benefiting from the services offered.We sincerely hope the service can be extended to more needy people, as well as to the public, to build an inclusive and compassionate community ”.

At the “Community Inclusion Day” event, leaders of the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease were invited to attend the “Continuing Love” themed session to share experiences on the treatment and care of seniors with dementia. A group of kindergarten students, seniors, youth volunteers and Hang Lung volunteers made presentations under the theme of promoting inclusion across generations. The “Dementia Friendly Art Gallery” at the site also showcased artwork created by seniors with dementia to showcase their different abilities. Among the exhibits, a large-scale wing art installation tells the stories of individual dementia patients and their caregivers in the placement of each colorful pen – a striking symbol of their ability to soar high with their extraordinary talent for art. In addition, the Jockey Club Charles Kao Brain Health Services promotional vehicle at the site provided free cognitive tests and brain health consultations to the public and referral services for those in need.

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