Heartbeats .. 5 habits that threaten to develop “diabetes”

Specialist physicians identified five habits that can lead to diabetes, and required early preventive measures to prevent the disease, and indicated that there are some symptoms that warn of the disease, such as frequent urination, weight loss, dizziness, visual disturbances, extreme thirst. , fatigue and tiredness.

Dubai Hospital’s endocrinology and diabetes consultant Dr. Aladdin Bashir confirmed to Emirates Today that genetic predisposition, habitat change and exposure to certain viral infections are among the leading causes that can cause diabetes, noting that early. attention to the causes that can lead to diabetes.Disease is the most important way to prevent it.

He added, “Some families have an inherited genetic predisposition to diabetes, so they need to periodically and continuously monitor the level of sugar in the blood, and take the necessary preventive measures early, as well as some people who move from living from one environment. To another. , are susceptible to disease due to psychological impact. The physical and the changing lifestyle on the body. “

He stressed the need to follow a balanced diet and exercise periodically, keep sugar levels at their normal limits, and reduce the chance of illness.

The endocrinologist at Prime Hospital in Dubai, Dr Muhammad Nabil, emphasized that the most prominent misconceptions that lead to diabetes are “not eating breakfast, which leads to an imbalance in the level of the insulin hormone, and excessive carbohydrate intake. such as potatoes and rice, because eating them leads to an increase in blood sugar levels, and not paying attention to hidden sources of sugar such as processed meat and fruit juices, because eating them leads to weight gain and diabetes. “

He noted that “it is also a habit not to exercise, which leads to obesity and insulin resistance, which increases the risk of diabetes, and not to take vitamin D, as some studies have shown that its lack can lead to an increased risk of diabetes. Diabetes . “

He pointed out that the most important ways to prevent diabetes are exercise, especially walking for at least half an hour a day, and staying away from smoking, because smoking leads to an accumulation of belly fat and insulin resistance, and one should eat. vegetables, salads and whole grains like barley and oats, and avoid fast food like pizza And fries, stay calm and avoid stress.

He stated that a person should suspect the possibility of diabetes in the event of symptoms such as frequent urination, weight loss, dizziness, visual disturbances, extreme thirst, exhaustion and fatigue, but sometimes a person develops diabetes but there are no clear symptoms, so it is recommended to do periodic examination annually for those who have crossed He is 40 years old, and for people with a family history of diabetes.

The specialist in internal medicine at Health Hub Dubai, who is affiliated with Al-Futtaim Healthcare Group, Dr Omar Abdul Salam Al-Shakarji, stressed that the most prominent bad habits that can lead to diabetes are lack of movement, constant sitting, and dependence on fast food, as well as Excessive use of certain medications such as cortisone.

He pointed out that in the event of any change in health in a person, he should immediately undergo a diabetic test, such as dry mouth, frequent thirst, frequent urination, general weakness in the body and blurred vision. He stressed that everyone who has a family history of diabetes should be subjected to a periodic examination to check for any onset or indications of the disease, and to take healthy measures to prevent its development.

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