Homeless groups are shouting advice for “no warning” about Amazon filming in downtown

Two homeless groups beat council leaders claiming they had “no warning” of film interruptions in Birmingham city center.

Non-profit organization ‘Who is Hussain?’ and a homeless group “Outreach Angels” delivers hot food to the city’s homeless every week.

But both groups saw their normal services bothered by Amazon’s TV crew installed in the center – supposedly filming a new show “Citadel”.

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Tuesday evening (November 16), Who is Hussain? volunteers arrived at Edmund Street with 50 hot meals but soon realized they had no access.

Volunteer Mujtaba Virani told BirminghamLive at the time: “I feel annoyed with the advice because they didn’t pre-warn us – and we usually meet our clients there.

Who is Hussain? volunteers Mujtaba Virani and Abas arrive with 50 hot meals

“It’s not like the authority doesn’t know about us. We get in touch and they know we deliver here three times a week.”

When asked what he would do with the meals – chicken biryani with hot soup – Mujtaba said he had “no idea”.

“We might try near the cathedral because there’s usually a good kick.”

Volunteer Abas, 17, added: “We used to believe the council was supporting our mission, but lately it feels like we’re not getting much back. There are constant roadworks and no prior warning.

The non-profit organization served kokidbiryani with hot soup

“It’s hard for us, but especially our customers. A lot of them don’t have cell phones and have no idea if we’re relocating. Moving a place is a really big deal for them.”

Fortunately, with the help of Outreach Angels, the group was able to change most meals after a spread about their temporary location on Margaret Street.

Liz Morrey, lead organizer of outreach, announced earlier this week that the group will not be handing out meals for the next fortnight due to filming – expected to last until November 25th.

Volunteers routinely park on Cornwall Street and operate out of Eden Place but realized they couldn’t after seeing our Facebook live showing dozens of film crews on site.

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“Not knowing about the interruptions in advance is terrible,” said Liz, who traveled to the center Tuesday just to warn people that Outreach wasn’t working fully.

“You can’t find any information about the filming online and we weren’t told.

“It makes our kids feel unimportant. They already feel like they’re invisible and no one cares about them.

“They’re very worried and moving is too much for them. We usually give them three weeks notice if we have to relocate to another place, otherwise it changes them.

“We’re trying to find alternative locations and parking, but it’s very difficult when you have 25-plus volunteers.”

Birmingham City Council told us that Amazon had sent letters to businesses and residents affected in the area but “may not have known” about the homeless groups.

A spokesman for the council added that questions related to the production should be directed to Film Birmingham.

Sindy Campbell, head of Film Birmingham, said on Thursday: “The production is now in direct contact with Liz at Outreach Angels.

“First, we apologize on behalf of the production for a disruption caused to Outreach Angels operations, as the production team was not aware of their activities near Eden Place.

“And we’re now working with them to help find another site to use while filming takes place.”

To find out how you can support Outreach Angels, email outreachangels@outlook.com or click here for more information.

For more information on Who is Hussain? Click here.

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