How to know if you are following a fad diet. Rujuta Diwekar reveals the trick Healthy

Rujuta Diwekar often advises her followers to go back to the roots and trust the wisdom of their grandmothers. The famous nutritionist regularly shares videos on his social networks dealing with dispelling myths and spreading useful information about health, nutrition and diseases.

Diwekar recently went to Instagram to share tips on identifying fad diets and urged everyone not to fall into the trap of “so-called healthy diets” that could make you sick in the long run.

The popular nutritionist says that although the fad diets are sold to us saying that they were designed in a very scientific way, they actually cause more harm than good because they decrease strength to weight ratio and can lead to aging in the long run.

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Diwekar goes on to reveal three ways to identify whether the diet you are following is fashionable or not.

1. Does it stand out a single food?

The author of bestselling Indian Superfoods says that many diets advise you to eliminate carbohydrates, fats or sugar from the meals altogether and ask you to load yourself with protein. She adds that if a diet calls any food good or bad, it can be called a manic diet.

Diwekar says that nowadays many fad diets call protein and fat a good food and carbohydrates and sugar a bad food.

Encouraging people not to indulge in “foodism”, Diwekar says it can be just as destructive as the other “isms” like racism, ageism, sexism and harms not only man but society as a whole.

“If a diet labels food as good and bad, it attacks your sanity and behaves like culture, cuisine and climate have no role to play in our well-being, health and happiness,” says Diwekar, adding that one must go for sustainability. diets instead.


2. Does it indulge in cultural appropriation?

Many diets nowadays are inspired by Indian culture and the spices and herbs that have been used in India for a long time. Rujuta says one has to be careful about the diets that take things from our culture but present them in their own style.

They ask you to add turmeric in everything, even pie and pudding. They ask you to take spices in shots and pills, says Diwekar.

3. Does it ask you to measure everything?

The nutritionist says if a diet asks you to measure weight, food, steps, calories, then life would be reduced to just a number. She says a sustainable diet takes into account reason, season, culture. “It enables you a good night’s sleep, it enables you to wake up fresh in the morning, eliminate cravings for sugar, allow you to have a smooth digestion, exercise regularly and strengthen every moment of life,” she says.

I hope Rujuta’s tips will help you identify these fad diets that are more harmful than beneficial.

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