I was bored of my cat’s ugly trash can so I converted it for $ 50 using IKEA bargains.

A WOMAN upgraded her cat’s trash can – and you can’t even tell it’s in the room.

Annika Hinds, a proud thrifty and DIY queen, shared how you too can.


A woman gave her cat’s trash a major updateCredit: TikTok
She spent $ 50 at Ikea


She spent $ 50 at IkeaCredit: TikTok

Taking to social media, she showed off her cat’s exposed trash can, which sat next to her desk.

“For the longest time, I want to upgrade this trash can to someone who doesn’t look like a trash can and it’s more discreet while it’s functional for my cat,” she said.

She then explained how she bought a $ 50 stock bench from Ikea.

However, when she built it, she left one side exposed that would be the entrance to the bin.

“The good thing about this piece is that you can decide which side you want to leave open and also depending on your space and where you want to put it,” she explained.

“It also has a removable top that makes it easy to access the litter.”

After she built up, she noticed that her cat litter was a little too small for the space, so she continued to cut the edges.

To protect her cat from injuring herself when they jumped in, she bought a rubber window sill protector.

It had glue on the back, which she could easily glue to the bin to seal the edges.

“It turned out perfect, it matches my decor, and you would never know it was a trash can,” she concluded in her video.

Many people applauded the DIY-er in the comment section and one person even suggested covering the interior with waterproof upholstery to protect the furniture itself.

Would you spend $ 50 to make your trash more attractive?

She took care to protect her cat from any injury


She took care to protect her cat from any injuryCredit: TikTok
She made the bin fit in the bin


She made the bin fit in the binCredit: TikTok
People won’t even know it’s there


People won’t even know it’s thereCredit: TikTok

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