Innovators .. 3 citizen students transform waves into pure energy

Three citizen students of the Institute of Applied Technology in Al Ain, Tahnoun bin Mohammed Educational Complex, invented a device to convert the movement of sea waves into electrical energy, with the aim of producing clean energy, without affecting marine life, making it better than; other devices with large parts.

A professor of mechanical engineering at a high school overseeing the project, Muhammad Muawiya Badwan, told Emirates Today that the idea for the project was carried out by the students: Hamdan Salem Al-Alawi, Abdullah Saif Al-Nuaimi, and Hazza Salem. Al-Niyadi, relies on harnessing the energy of sea waves to convert it into electrical energy. .

He added that the project consists of three parts, the first is a wave-generating device to simulate the movement of waves in the seas, the second is the conversion of wave energy to electrical, and the third is a miniature city to illuminate it and experiment by lighting on it.

Badwan pointed out that there are several systems that offer the service of converting wave energy into electricity, but the students designed a new system that does not require excessive maintenance, as it consists of a large number of energy conversion devices of small sizes, and then when a small part fails , it is easily replaced, in addition, the students conducted a study on the best forms of water holes in converting wave motion into electrical energy, which improved the quality of the project model.

He pointed out that the students took 100 hours of work to carry out the project.

The students participated in the project in the Festival of Science, Technology and Innovation, organized by the Ministry of Education, at the Festival Arena – Dubai.

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