Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson Star and Marry Me Trailer

And Jennifer Lopez as Jennifer Lopez! No, take it. La Marry me a trailer is here, starring Lopez as another A-list celebrity pop superstar – one who will marry his musical boyfriend (played by Maluma) live, in front of a million audiences. That is, until he is caught cheating hours before the show, so she chooses a random guy from the audience who accidentally holds a “Marry Me” sign, and is accidentally played by Owen Wilson. The film looks to follow the next drama by Kat Valdez de Lopez and Wilson’s nerdy math teacher trying to deal with the media storm and actually make things work. The movie is an exit – when else? – February 14, 2022, and also stars Sarah Silverman as the friend who convinces Wilson’s character to go to the concert in the first place. We look forward to Ben Affleck’s review.

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