Jim Polzin: At 17, Braelon Allen is humble, mature and ‘just trucking some guy’ for the Badgers | College Football

“I didn’t know he was 17, until probably a month or two ago, when everyone started talking about it,” Schipper said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, you’re 17?’ It’s incredible how mature he is. “

Allen is so mature Chryst didn’t even feel the need to pull him aside to see where his head was at directing into his first career. “He’s the kind of guy you trust,” Chryst said.

After hearing the news that Mellusi was away for the season, Allen told his friend that he would finish the season for the two of them. Allen made a little extra preparation to make sure he was ready for this bigger role, but his teammates didn’t notice anything different about him during the week.

“He just put his head down and worked to be ready for every opportunity he gets and every carry he had,” Schipper said. “I thought he did a great job preparing, just like he does every week. I think it showed today how well he played. Exactly the same Braelon. ”

Schipper and Chryst both used the word humble to describe Allen, and that I also noticed about a four-star recruit who could have played on almost any program in the country and on both sides of the ball at UW. None of this seems too big for Allen, who handles himself well in interviews and is able to cross the line between faith and arrogance.


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