Joe Judge spoke to Kadarius Toney about a tweet about Henry Ruggs’ car accident

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Former Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs faces criminal DUI charges after crashing his Corvette into another car quickly and killing someone on Tuesday morning and many people around the football world have responded to the news in recent days.

Giants wide receiver Kadarius Toney’s response was among those to garner attention because it seemed to downplay the severity of what happened in Las Vegas.

“We are young. . . everyone makes mistakes. . . you all look at the situation as “this or that” because it’s not you all. . . having so much to say. . . he knows he messed up, don’t drag them for it. . . that’s stupid for me. . . just pray for the families involved, ”Toney wrote on Twitter.

On Thursday, Giants head coach Joe Judge said he talked to Toney about the tweet. A judge said he has “no questions about the character of this guy” while reminding him that it’s important to consider how you express yourself.

“It’s important that we understand how we pronounce our words and publish it,” Judge Darryl Slater of said. “I know where his heart was with that. I think sometimes you read it and say, ‘This doesn’t really sound right.’ I think it’s more about making sure we utter our words. For me it’s always important to understand someone’s heart. Sometimes, guys will make a mistake about how they pronounce or word something. But when you understand the crux of what someone is trying to say – and you talk to a guy and you understand the relationship – maybe he didn’t quite understand the meaning, [but] you understand that it comes from the right place. ”

A judge said he also spoke to the entire team about Ruggs ’situation because he has former teammates and friends in the locker room and sent the same message on how to share thoughts about the incident.

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