Jorge Masvidal: “Bitter old man” Conor McGregor “will end up sniffing to death”

At this point, Team Jorge Masvidal is not taking seriously what appears in Conor McGregor’s Twitter feed. Whether McGregor is talking about business, talking rubbish or talking about combat, the reality is different.

“Every time he ever tweeted, or anyone ever tweeted that name from us or Jorge, I do the following: I call [UFC executive] Hunter [Campbell], I say, ‘Hey Hunter, what’s good? Did you see Conor? ‘”Masvidal’s manager Malki Kawa said Wednesday The MMA Hour. “[Hunter says], ‘Yes, he doesn’t want that fight.’ Okay, bum. Every time. It never fails.

“And look, I don’t know if that’s real or not real, but I know they said they tried to do that fight a few times – Conor won’t take it. And you heard [UFC President] Dana [White], Jorge is too big for him, and that’s the end of that story. So listen, if they wanted to do that fight, our end accepts no matter what. We are all inside. ”

Recently, McGregor did not talk about a future meeting, but cast a shadow over the cancellation of Masvidal’s fight against Leon Edwards at UFC 269. The former two-division champion echoed Edwards implying that Masvidal had failed the matchup.

What really happens, Masvidal said, is that McGregor is salty he couldn’t pick up a piece of Edwards ’battle purse; the Irish star is managed by the same company, Paradigm Sports, and has been claimed to have a ownership interest in the company.

Not only that, but Masvidal echoed others in the MMA community who have been targeted by McGregor in the months since he lost a trilogy to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 and suffered a broken leg. The real reason for McGregor’s pulls, they say, relates more to depression and drug addiction than to a real complaint. For Masvidal, the first feeds the second.

“I think he’s a bitter old man just screaming at the TV all day,” he said. “It sucks for him that he’s broken. He’s broken up so many times that he can’t put himself back together in terms of fighting. Like, go have a regular life, brother. This guy will end up sniffing himself to death. So I don’t worry about him. I’m just trying to get big salaries and fight. You go to rehab, mother, and treat the elderly properly. When they sign us to fight, I will teach you some respect.

“I really couldn’t care less for him. He’s 145-er – I’m 170-pounds. Adult male size. Have him deal with a funny size. I’ve always dealt with this when it comes up – we won’t even distract this f * cking chip. He’s crazy because what’s-his-face is signified to whatever the devil is called his company, and they’ve been earning the biggest salary they’ll ever get from my ass fighting and beating Leo’s ass. It won’t happen again, so you can see the bitterness on display, but he just chose the wrong guy.

“He can still get that salary, but a mini-ass dwarf doesn’t want to say to his guy, ‘Oh, wait, just fight him later and we’ll still get that salary’ – it might be even bigger because there’s more publicity behind it. “But he’s a cunning dwarf. What do you say?”

Masvidal still hopes Edwards will accept a rescheduled reservation in March. If Edwards doesn’t accept, he said he will move on to a resentful match with Colby Covington or any other top five fighter that will keep him near the top of the division.

As for him, the ship to fight Conor McGregor sailed a long time ago. But he tries to follow in the footsteps of the ex-champion by earning a ton of money and then retiring.

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