Josh Reynolds excited about being a main target for the Lions

Getty Images

Wide receiver Josh Reynolds has been called up for resignations by the Lions and there are a number of players who would see this as a negative development given Detroit’s 0-8 record this season.

Reynolds, however, does not wrinkle about the turn of events. He asked the Titans to let him go because he hadn’t seen much playing time and he said on Thursday he was excited to hear the Lions demanded him because it gives him a chance to be a top receiver for the first time in his. career.

“Oh man, that’s why I came,” said Reynolds, by Justin Rogers of the Detroit News. “I’ve been preparing my whole career for it, preparing as if I were a beginner regardless of whether I was not or not, and hoping it’s time for it to pay off. That’s why I’m excited. ”

Reynolds signed a one-year deal with the Titans this offseason. If Reynolds shows he is capable of handling an expanded role in Detroit, this offseason could bring even better opportunities for the future.

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