Jurors Involve Second Day Of Consultations Without Verdict, After Watching Shooting Videos – CBS Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) – Jurors in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial completed a second day of deliberations on Wednesday without reaching a verdict, but spent about 45 minutes reviewing a video of the case.

About two hours into its second day of deliberations on Wednesday, the jury asked the judge to watch some of the videos that were presented at trial.

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Prosecutors said jurors should be able to watch any of the videos of the shootings as many times as they want, but defense attorneys objected to allowing the jury to see a drowning video of Rittenhouse shooting and killing Joseph Rosenbaum, as the defense team is already searching. a lawsuit over that video, claiming that prosecutors provided them with a lower quality version of the video, which was inappropriate.

However, prosecutors said they sent the defense the same version of the video they received, and believe it was transferred from the prosecutor’s Apple phone to the defense attorney’s Android phone, the file was compressed during transfer. When both sides later learned that the defense had received a low-quality version of the video, prosecutors provided the defense with the higher-quality version.

Schroeder said he would allow jurors to watch the drone video if they want to see it, but he also wants to hear from experienced witnesses outside the jury’s presence regarding the dispute over the quality of the video the defense team received, and if exists. problems with the handling of the video, could cause the case to collapse in case of an appeal.

“I’ve been annoyed about this from the beginning, and even more so now,” Schroeder said.

After much arguing about the logistics of how jurors would watch any videos they wanted to see, Schroeder arranged for the videos to be loaded onto a computer the jurors would use to watch the footage they requested in the courtroom, without anyone else in the room .

Along with the drone video, the jury asked to respect several videos of the night Rittenhosue shot three people, killing two of them.

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Jurors spent about 45 minutes watching the videos, and then were fired for the day around 4:30 pm They will resume discussions Thursday morning.

The jury deliberated for a full day on Tuesday without reaching a verdict. Schroeder also did not rule on the defense’s request for misconduct, saying he first wants to allow the prosecution to file a formal response to the defense’s motion.

Before considerations began Tuesday morning, the field of 18 jurors was cracked down to 12, after their numbers were placed on pieces of paper into a lottery turf in the courtroom, and Rittenhouse himself chose six pieces of paper that were used to identify the alternate jurors. .

The alternate jurors are three white males and three white females, leaving the only person of color still on the jury of seven women and five men to decide the trial.

Jurors heard from more than 30 witnesses over two weeks of testimony.

Rittenhouse, 18, faces five criminal charges in the August 2020 shooting that killed Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, and injured Gaige Grosskreutz, during a chaotic night of protests in Kenosha over the Jacob Blake police shooting. Rittenhouse was 17 at the time of the shootings.

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A total of 500 National Guard soldiers stand in case of possible disturbance once a verdict is reached.


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