LA Honors Victims of COVID-19 With Three-Day Event – NBC Los Angeles

Three days, a citywide event called Strength and Love, honors the 26,661 people who died as a result of COVID-19, as well as the vital workers in LA county.

Visitors at Griffith Observatory this weekend will find a white flag facility, representing those who lost their lives due to COVID-19 in LA County.

“I think that helps remind people that hundreds of thousands of people have been affected by this,” said Sandy Devine, a tourist from Texas.

“It brings it into perspective, quite powerful, a symbol of what people have lost,” said Josh Rook, a tourist from the UK.

The memorial began Thursday with the theme “Honor,” as the city urged residents to applaud at 8 p.m. for the city’s first responders, key workers, small business owners, community organizers, caregivers, neighbors and families for their work supporting Los Angeles. during the pandemic.

Friday’s theme is “Remember,” where the city asks residents to light a candle in their window at 8 p.m. to pay tribute to the memory of those lost in the pandemic.

The memorial ends Saturday, with a theme to mobilize where people are asked to flash a flashlight or phone light outside at 8pm to light up LA to represent the city working to be kinder, united and resilient than before.

“We work five, six, seven days a week long shifts, so to acknowledge that, it’s important so I’m impressed and especially up here, this is a big focus,” said Shawn Devine, a tourist from Texas.

Mayor Garcetti’s office is leading the event and has downloadable posters on its website.

You can fill them in with the names of those you want to honor and remember.

More information can be found at

“For me it was important to take this moment when people are still wondering when that will be done and not to forget the people who are not with us,” LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said.

“This is something that in one way or another affects us all and it’s respected and acknowledged,” said Brandon Scales, a resident of LA.

At night, city landmarks will be lit in blue and every night at 8 p.m., residents can participate without leaving their homes, starting by thanking front-line workers.


LAX is blue as part of the Force and Love event honoring COVID-19 victims and vital workers.

“Let’s support them, let’s thank them tonight, let’s applaud at 8, tomorrow let’s light a candle for those we lost and on the third day let’s figure out a way we can help each other, it might just be a check. that neighbor you haven’t talked to you in two or three months, ”Garcetti said.

Mayor Garcetti says the city is planning a permanent monument and there are likely to be several throughout the city.


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