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Solidarity T-shirts raise funds for victims of La Palma volcano

Six weeks in the eruption on La Palma of Spain, several local organizations began selling T-shirts, tote bags and other goods to raise funds for those who had lost their homes or jobs due to the volcano.

“The message is that La Palma will remain strong. This is just a small contribution to help people who have been affected, ”said Pedro Garcia, 47, who runs the Creaprint printing house in Los Llanos de Aridane, the nearest major city to the lava flow.

In his shop, a huge mechanized printer elaborates the latest set of black shirts decorated with a design of street signs listing some of the villages trapped on the lava path. “When this is over, for us it will be just the beginning. There is an enormous amount of uncertainty now,” he said.

More than 2,000 of the shirts, which sell for 10 euros ($ 11.58) each, were sold with all proceeds going to victims.

One design shows a stylized map of La Palma surrounded by people tying hands to create a heart-shaped ring, while on another the words “ashes are carried away by the wind, memories remain” surround a black-and-white volcano image. Carlos Cordero, 31, started selling the merchandise at his clothing store in Los Llanos because he felt it was the fastest way to directly help islanders. He sold more than 1,000 T-shirts and bags.

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