Letters from Thursday: Kenney missed an opportunity at COP26

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One should isolate oneself in order not to know that climate change is one of the most urgent issues on our planet. Discussions on climate change of countries, territories, provinces and cities have given commitments to achieve net zero emissions targets by mid-century.


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I am confused that in addition to feeling that Alberta should talk about the goal of Canada’s net zero emissions in 2050 (which is consistent with that of other G7 countries), Alberta’s UCP leadership did not send representatives to the COP26 conference in Glasgow. This is a breach of duty by the UCP and demonstrates a lack of leadership in our provincial government. Expecting Prime Minister Trudeau to accelerate Albert at the conference is ridiculous.

The UCP seems to prefer to react to events rather than attend proactively. The proactive, simple and correct choice for COP26 was to have a UCP representative, preferably Kenney, represent the interests of Alberta and Alberta at the conference.

David A. Weir, Edmonton

Blame Hinshaw for a fourth wave embarrassing

Watching Tuesday night’s news, I was furious to see Prime Minister Kenney throw Dr. Deena Hinshaw under the bus for the fourth wave. Whatever decisions were made, shouldn’t Dr. Hinshaw have made them. They were yours, Prime Minister. The dollar stops with you. You are the prime minister.


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I’m a stubborn, true-blue, born-and-raised Alberta conservative, and I’ve voted conservative all my life. That will never change. But if you are the prime minister and leader of the UCP in 2023, I simply will not vote – marking the first and only election that I have not fulfilled my civic duty.

Clearly for me, the NDP is not a viable alternative in 2023, but neither are you Prime Minister Kenney. I’m from a generation that worked for what I wanted, and never once took a gift for something I could earn. I educated my children to be the same. We were responsible for the decisions we made and accepted the consequences. Throwing Dr. Hinshaw under the bus to avoid accepting the aftermath of your wrong “Best Summer Ever” is cowardly, shameful and unworthy of my vote. Shame on you. It’s time to resign, and save yourself the embarrassment of being removed at the lead review.


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SC Thomas, St. Albert

An Oilsands researcher could help Trump later

Re. “Allan’s investigation did not dig deep enough into enemies,” Opinion, Nov. 2

Ms. Krause is disappointed that the Allan Report did not uncover the evidence she has so painstakingly investigated, namely that charities fund propaganda against oil sands. It should be noted that she is a blogger, not an investigative reporter. Her findings have been widely denied by expert, energy journalist Markham Hislop.

Maybe she should relocate to the United States – where maybe she could use her conspiracy theory credentials to help Donald prove that the choice was indeed stolen from him!

Denzil Barrie, Sherwood Park

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