Lonsdale Quay of North Vancouver to receive a major overhaul

For the past 35 years, its rotating Q has been an icon of the North Shore. Now, North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay Market is ready for a major overhaul.

Quay North Urban Development, the company that owns the Quay, is starting renovations, both inside and out.

“It’s a pretty consistent upgrade to the property overall. We see it as the revival of a community icon, ”said Quay North president Taylor Taylor Mathiesen. “We know how important that property is to the community and we have a lot of changes that I think people will really get excited about.”

Externally, the exterior cladding will be removed and replaced with something of a higher design standard (although Mathiesen said it will reflect the industrial and waterfront character of the market).

Inside, the dining room will be completely redone and enlarged so it blends more with the retail stores of the market. The plans also include an approved bar and a living entertainment space.

The largest individual component is a new two-story, 10,000-square-foot restaurant space on the waterfront side of the building. Mathiesen has not yet been able to publicly say who the new anchor will be, but that will be announced in the new year.

The market will remain open later in the night, and management brings programming on art and culture.

“So not only will it be the meeting place for the community during the day, but it can also be that evening destination, with a collection of really great and different food offerings and entertainment,” he said.

The rotating Q sign, of course, will remain.

Plans for the Platform’s upgrades have been in the works for years, Mathiesen said.

The Quay celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2021. When it first opened, it was surrounded by gravel parking lots. Much has changed in Lower Lonsdale since then, Mathiesen noted, but the development of the Quay has been much slower.

“Lower Lonsdale has grown tremendously – we are truly a target of arts and culture, and events. and food and drink in a way we weren’t before, ”he said. “We took some time to plan this revival very carefully.”

While most of the work will be done by the summer of 2022, the new anchor runner restaurant will not be open until the summer of 2023.

Construction will be phased so the Quay will remain open, although individual areas will be closed while work is done there.

Mathiesen said all current tenants have been kept sidelined on the plans for years, but not all will sign new leases. “The reality is that some of them just won’t be able to do it for a variety of reasons.”

None of the changes in the multi-million dollar project will have to go through the North Vancouver City Council, but Mathiesen said they voluntarily submitted their plans to the city’s advisory project committee, which gave very positive feedback.

“Every time we talk about changes to Lonsdale Quay Market, everyone is so excited. I think it’s definitely ripe for development,” he said.

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